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Philips SAA7130 Tuner- FM. Download TV tuner driver Philips SAA7130 for Windows: SAA7130.The Top 30 Portrait Photography Trends of 2015 No matter the type of art or photographer you are, there are going to be some trends in the business of portraiture. The annual HotShots: The Top 30 Portrait Photography Trends of 2015 just released their annual report, and here are some interesting facts about portraiture: In the past three years, the top three highest-grossing photographers were Portrait & Boudoir Portraits with 82 percent of all top-grossing sales. An average of 37 percent of all gross sales were in the $5,000-$10,000 bracket. Over 40 percent of all top-grossing sales in 2015 were for Boudoir Portraits. Not surprisingly, the most popular day of the week to shoot clients is Tuesday, as nearly three-quarters of all clients visit photographers for portraits on that day. Here’s the skinny on this year’s top-selling photographers: Who made the top 10 for 2015? 1. Portrait & Boudoir Portraits - 52% 2. Headshots - 18% 3. Retouching - 13% 4. Headshot + Retouching - 12% 5. Portrait + Boudoir + Retouching - 11% 6. Boudoir - 9% 7. Babies + Kids - 7% 8. Portrait + Child + Boudoir - 6% 9. Boudoir + Portrait - 5% 10. Headshot + Boudoir + Retouching - 5% Note that the number one spot is held by Portrait & Boudoir Portraits. In fact, only 5 percent of all portrait sales in 2015 were “headshots”. Here’s a breakdown of the top ten (percent of total sales): Is it any wonder the industry is in need of a revival? Here’s hoping the next generation of top-selling photographers will bring back the dynamic, emotional portraits that we’ve missed in the last few years. Share this post 2 Comments The biggest problem is that young people still think portraiture is expensive, and many agencies are to blame. We




Tv Tuner Pci Card Philips 7130 W Fm Driver 25